#94: The Energy Center Awareness Practice

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I started doing energy practices a few times a day thanks to my business mentor and coach, George Kao. He created the Energy Reboot Technique to help solopreneurs get unstuck and increase productivity.

I noticed pretty quickly that when I took a few moments to notice my breath and become aware of my body that I was much more present and engaged in whatever came next. Soon, I was no longer doing George’s technique and creating my own.

Here is a practice that I’ve been sharing with my clients. They’ve shared with me how it’s a great way to start their day and find some moments of calm during a busy day.

On your healing journey and practicing intuitive eating, tuning into your body takes practice. I hope this simple 5 minute exercise gives you another way to notice your body and create calm.

If you’ve enjoyed this practice and want to do it regularly, you can use this clip that starts at the beginning of the practice.

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