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Ideate. Credit Card Terminals: “Screaming children… beating the terminal with bats.” Show Notes 0:00 - Intro 1:00 - Street Interviews 2:30 - Why do we have to sign? https://twitter.com/marblefaun/status/920115293556477952 7:20 - Why aren't mobile payments sweet? https://twitter.com/jarlivingston/status/920298670444220417 11:30 - Standardization why are there so many payment terminals and how are companies like square and paypal able to make better terminal experiences https://twitter.com/justins_os/status/920118532762951680 18:15 - What’s the cost to update these POS systems? 20:15 - Touchscreen vs physical buttons, which is better? 21:55 - Titular Line 24:10 - Consistency of user experience, why so varied? 25:50 - Can user account profile be actually worth something? 27:50 - Why do we still use paper receipts? 29:35 - User Experience principles Edward Rolf Tufte https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Tufte 32:20 - What can we learn from the way other countries handle payments? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/16/business/china-cash-smartphone-payments.html 34:20 - Our suggestions on what we would like to see different in the next few years Twitter handles: Podcast @ideateTeam https://twitter.com/ideateTeam Paul @pbredenberg https://twitter.com/pbredenberg Hiromi @halfwintr https://twitter.com/halfwintr Rob @robfottf https://twitter.com/robfottf And soon… Aaron @AdPlusVerb https://twitter.com/adplusverb

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