Gadi Oren - Vice President of Technology Evangelism for LogicMonitor

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It’s been said that the enemy of execution is complexity. Nowhere has this rung truer than corporate data centers, where growing systems complexity threatens the execution of digital transformation strategies. How can enterprises successfully transition to this new digital business paradigm, without succumbing to the hazards that can jeopardize increasingly complicated IT environments? According to one expert, the answer is AIOps. In this episode, we speak with Gadi Oren, Vice President of Technology Evangelism for LogicMonitor. His company recently conducted a global survey of 300 senior IT executives and found that 90% of them had experienced a serious outage in the past 3 years! A shocking figure which LogicMonitor directly attributes to the rising complexity of IT infrastructures. Gadi shares with us how the emerging field of AIOps can counteract this negative trend, mitigate industry talent shortages, and ultimately reshape the future of data centers.

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