High School with Jonathan Kaplan (Part 2) (iPad Pros - 0109)

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Jonathan Kaplan is a 10th grade student who gets all of his work done on the iPad; we discuss what this was like before the pandemic and now in the pandemic with virtual learning. This is the conclusion of our discussion. Listen to the previous episode for part one.

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Chapter Markers:

00:00:00: Opening

00:00:57: Chapter Markers

00:02:22: Focused Work

00:06:19: Organizing your data

00:07:23: Google Workspace

00:11:06: Shortcuts

00:12:07: Split Screen setups

00:12:45: Siri

00:13:42: Reminders

00:14:56: Screenshots

00:16:05: Your channel

00:16:44: Workflows for creating videos

00:17:56: iPad's Camera?

00:18:32: Multi Cam

00:19:38: Downloading videos via Shortcuts

00:20:32: Editing Process

00:21:43: 64GB

00:24:07: External Drives

00:25:45: Blue Yeti mic

00:27:32: Music

00:30:36: Aviary

00:31:31: Tasks

00:32:15: AnyBuffer

00:32:17: GameTrack

00:32:35: BlankBook

00:33:01: Where can people find your channel?

00:33:29: Closing

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