S3P15 - Season Finale January 2020 Parties. Sex Explained, JFF Top 10, Sex Lingos & BDSM

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In this last pigisode of the season and the first of the new year, Rick and Brian welcome back Kris Avalon. Rick and Brian celebrate the end of the season 3, our biggest season to date. Rick opens up about the parties happening in January 2020. Parties like Hustlaball in Las Vegas, Beef Dip - the annual bear party in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) in Washington DC. Rick mentioned Horse Market SF party there and Brian went on a tangent. Rick explained it Kris and the boys got sidetracked.

Kris gave us tea on celebrity gossip and news. Kris went over the Just For Fans (JFF) Top Ten List for 2019. Brian found a new obsession in Griffin Barrows and Rick fawned over Rhyheim Shabazz. Rick reviewed and explained the new Netflix show Sex..Explained with the first episode on Sexual Fantasies and the three categories that they fall under - Group Sex, Novelty and Power & Control. Brian explain the BDSM relationship culture between gay and straight people especially the Red, Green and Yellow light system.

The boys will be taking a break and return in February.

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