EP 280: Securely Attached Love with Special Guests Ginger and Scott

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We are making Let’s Get Vulnerable history! It’s our first ever episode with a couple!

In today’s episode we will hear from Empowered.Secure.Loved Program Graduate, Ginger and her amazing partner, Scott.

Inside of this episode:

-We hear Ginger’s healing story and the work she did inside of the ESL program

-Scott and Ginger share their love story, and how their relationship developed

-I walk them through a fun couples ritual that anyone can do to improve their relationship

This is the first time we’ve had a couple on the show, and I have to say: it was a JUICY and high value episode!

If Ginger’s story inspired you to take action in your dating life, I want to invite you to apply to the Empowered.Secure.Loved. Program.

If you’re ready to get off the dating rollercoaster and become the securely attached version of you; I want to invite you to apply to the E.S.L. program today.

The time is NOW to intentionally start your healing journey!

Click Here to Apply!

P.S. Want to connect with Ginger? She said she is open instagram DMs if you want to ask her about her experience in the program, or anything related to this podcast episode.

Ginger Setser IG handle: @gingersetser

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