Bridging The Gap Between Image Based And Direct Response Marketing – MFF017

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Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Marketing Eggs In The One Basket…

It’s an age-old marketing question. As founders, should we be focusing on building our companies image and branding or should we be targeting our audience with a killer direct response strategy?

There’s no doubting that both forms of marketing will prove to be beneficial over time, but it’s crucial for us understand when and why you should be applying each strategy to your business.

On this week’s show we’re taking a good hard look at both camps and working out which elements you should be applying to your marketing strategy. While getting a nice logo together and making everything look pretty might seem like a top priority when starting out, by the end of this episode you may have a different idea of what you should really be focusing on going forward.

Be In The Pursuit Of Customers, Not The Pursuit Of Novelty…

What are we actually trying to achieve through design?

- Why you can’t let your ego get in the way. - Award winning designers and why you shouldn’t be dazzled by them. - Asking the important questions of your market before you build your image. - Why you can skip having a logo for longer than you think. - The dangers of being a lazy entrepreneur.

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