Building A Marketing Masterplan To Boost Sales And Drive More Customers – MFF016

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Planning Ahead For Your Startup’s Long Term Success…

So many startup founders love to meticulously plan out the development process of their product, from the initial stages all the way through to having a completed product. The reality is though that great marketing is still the tool which is going to convert all that hard work to money in your pocket.

Now is the time to start giving your marketing planning the same attention you’re giving to your development cycle, rather than haphazardly working on whatever new marketing idea pops up. By making a solid plan for the future we can take control of our budget, build up tension for an unreleased product or increase sales for an existing one.

If you find yourself dabbling in a bunch of different marketing strategies but struggle to stick with a clear path moving forward, then listen in this week as Tim and Jack do their best to get your marketing plan sorted.

Taking Charge Of The Calendar…

  • Tips for planning both existing and new products.
  • Strategic use of promotional marketing.
  • Using social proof and cross-promotional case studies.
  • Putting out killer content during your products build up.
  • Building anticipation for an unreleased product.
  • Who actually writes the marketing plan?

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