Harnessing The Power Of Education In Your Marketing Strategy – MFF008

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Achieving Inspiration Through Education…

People don’t usually search for a product to fix their problem, they simply want to find a solution. By being the solution itself, rather than just going all-in with a sales pitch, we’re able to captivate, inspire and really connect with our customers.

This week is all about education based marketing, a concept which both Jack and Tim are truly passionate about. Though don’t be concerned if you were never one for formal education – we’re talking about keeping it engaging, inspiring and never boring. Our goal is to get results for our customers through education, and once we achieve that, we can initiate a reward cycle which ultimately benefits us as a result.

So join Tim and Jack as they run through their own experiences as well as some killer examples of education based marketing which you can re-work in to your future marketing strategies.

Don’t Just Educate – Inspire…

  • Teaching people to be successful on your own platform.
  • Key differences between education and content based marketing.
  • Pros and cons of in person education vs. online.
  • Giving your customers greater value through teaching.
  • Onboarding – an effective form of education based marketing.

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