S2E6: Learn How You the Consumer Can Complain About an Issue and Get What You Deserve!

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This is Money Talks on TEA Project, A Personal Finance Podcast. Your hosts, Gadiel and Michelle Espinoza. A husband and wife duo, where they discuss Personal Finance, Managing a Household, and so much more.
Gadiel is a father, husband, a Military Veteran, and a Lawyer.
Michelle is a mother, wife, BOSS, and a Certified Public Accountant.
In this episode, Michelle and I talk about some of the things that consumers can do to get their money back when a service provider, vender, or whoever has provided less than acceptable service or product.
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If you want to learn about 10 most common mistakes people make when budgeting their finances, check out Episode 16.
Also, learn ways to make some additional income by listening to Episode 13.
Book on Estate Planning:
1. Florida Estate Planning: Just the Basics by Gadiel Espinoza
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