105: Lean In & Let Go

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We’re switching the pace this week with a LIVE episode attempting to channel all the good, summer beach vibes your way! We dive into a lot in this one:

  • Joseph Smith picture controversy
  • The transformative power and the danger of our projections
  • “The church is perfect, the people are not”—carrying the burden of perfection on behalf of the church
  • “Complexes are the royal road the the unconscious”
  • “Missing being a panda bear”
  • “Fresca never left” — Simplifying human connection
  • Laying down our guns
  • Symbols and the tension of the opposites
  • And more…

Hope you enjoy!
About Mormonpalooza
Instagram: @mormonpalooza
Mormonpalooza is a reimagining and reclaiming of our Mormon culture and heritage. A full day of celebration, including:
Fireside (11am - 3pm): Discussions on healing, spirituality and the human connection will fill the day.
Roadshow (4pm - 8pm): Comedy and music featuring talented performers and live bands!
Stake Dance (9pm - midnight): Dance, party, and play into the night with old friends and new connections. Be authentically who you are, dancing and playing in a way that feels right to you.
Location will be at The Clubhouse in downtown SLC. Tickets onsale now! Hurry and get yours before they are all gone (limited to 400 guests).
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