S3 Ep96: Dry January with Thomas Hartley (MAFS UK): Starting Out

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In this episode we catch up with Thomas Hartley, one of the stars of last year's Married at First Sight UK!
We spotted a social media post from Thomas on the 1st January this year and we had to slide in to his DMs... He posted a picture of his sober app, showing that it was his first day.
Thomas talks to us about how he has had periods of sobriety since the TV show finished last year, and why he's now starting out again in January with the intention of not drinking again.
Thomas is a mental health nurse by trade, and talks about how being on TV and being catapulted to fame lead to an increase in his drinking. He's also very honest about how it felt to watch himself back on TV, which has lead to him wanting to make a more lasting change with sobriety - he knows how he wants to represent himself and move forwards with his life and career, and he doesn't want alcohol to hold him back.
If you enjoy listening to Thomas as much as we enjoyed chatting to him, and you want to follow him on Instagram or TikTok, he's @thomashartleyofficial!
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