Perfectionist Professional Woman

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Perfectionism pretends to be noble. It pretends to help you improve and grow. But in reality, it creates crippling self-doubt and leaves you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stuck. Instead of helping you grow, perfectionism limits your potential and keeps you small. Perfectionism hits women especially hard. Throw a profession, some children, and religion into the mix and then it really kicks into high gear. The Perfectionist Professional Woman podcast is for high-achieving working mothers who want to conquer perfectionism and feel more self-confidence and self-worth at work and at home. If you know you’re smart and skilled but secretly worry you’re not good enough, if you consistently tweak and re-tweak your work trying to make it “just right,” if you’re terrified of failing because you’re worried others will think you’re incompetent, this is the podcast for you.In each episode, Certified Life Coach Keri Martinez will help you recognize where and how perfectionism is holding you back and teach you how to overcome perfectionist habits and mindsets so you can reduce your insecurity and overwhelm, decrease your fear of failure, increase your confidence and self-worth, and enjoy your life more. For even more tips and inspiration, follow Keri on Instagram @kerimartinezcoaching or download a free list of 7 Lies of Perfectionism That Keep You Stuck at

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