Future of eCommerce Series: An Introduction by Tim Bucciarelli, Director of Engagement at IronPlane

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As the new year approaches, you may find yourself asking questions like:
❓Where is eCommerce technology going?
❓Will Magento be obsolete?
❓How will Shopify, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Commerce Tools, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud evolve?
❓What is the impact of marketplaces on eCommerce?
❓What does headless actually mean, and how is it distinct from "composable" or "API-first"?
❓What are some innovative eCommerce companies I don't know about yet?
Lucky for you, we have some answers -- or at least predictions. This month, we're doing a "Future of eCommerce" series, sharing our interviews with 6 prominent figures in the eCommerce space:
Isaiah Bollinger
Damien Retzinger
Kuba Zwolinski
Aaron Sheehan
Curtis Schrum
Bob Giovannini
Here's how our Director of Engagement, Tim, puts the Future of eCommerce series in his own words.
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