#9: PEMF Therapy & Osteoporosis. As Effective As Fosamax? Risks, Benefits, Research Studies, How To Use. Interview w/ Dr. William Pawluk.

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In my interview with the foremost authority on Magnetic Field Therapy, Dr. William Pawluk, we discuss Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFs) and the benefits to our health, our bones, and osteoporosis.

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Topics Covered
4:32 - Who is Dr. William Pawluk
5:48 - What are Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)?
8:39 - Magnetic fields can travel through our bodies and bones. These fields are safe and non-toxic.
10:48 - With PEMF’s, the magnetic fields move in and out of the body, and it’s varying in intensity and time. It’s dynamic.
11:06 - Inverse square law. A magnetic field drops off in intensity very rapidly as you move away from the source of the stimulus.
11:38 - Why all magnetic fields aren’t bad. EMF’s vs. PEMF. PEMF’s don’t heat tissues. That’s why there is no risk.
15:14 - What happens to our cells when we expose them to PEMF’s? What benefits come from exposure?
18:45 - Specifically as it relates to osteoporosis and low bone density how can PEMF help?
19:44 - PEMF helps heal non-union fractures.
22:14 - PEMF’s decrease osteoclast activity (bone breakdown) and increase osteoblast activity (bone formation)
23:44 - What do the research and studies say about PEMF therapy and osteoporosis?
27:22 - Study. PEMF’s as effective as Alendronate in treating osteoporosis?
29:35 - What Dr. Pawluk has found in his clinical practice by tracking patients with osteoporosis who are using PEMF?
30:05 - PEMF is not a standalone therapy. It’s a complement to your other efforts (i.e. nutrition, hormones, etc.)
31:38 - How do you actually use a PEMF device to reap the benefits?
34:03 - The higher the intensity the better.
36:10 - What is the right intensity of PEMF treatment for osteoporosis?
36:55 - Minimum intensity 70 gauss. 500 gauss is ideal but cost of device may be prohibitive.
40:57 - Duration and frequency of PEMF therapy for osteoporosis treatment. 30min-1hour 2X day.
43:36 - Identify the cause of your osteoporosis and whether or not you’re actively losing bone before you start treatment.
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