Lana McGilvray - Founder and CEO at Purpose Worldwide

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What is your purpose? Lana McGilvray, Founder and CEO at Purpose Worldwide, helps her clients answer that question on the daily. Purpose Worldwide is a global public relations firm that specializes in helping clients drive their purpose and growth as they pioneer a better world for all. Lana has an extensive background in PR and is also a contributor to Ad Age, an Adobe Influencer, and an advisor to several purpose-driven startups. In this upbeat and insightful episode of the Courageous Podcast, host Ryan Berman reads a trio of business haikus to Lana and gets her reaction to each. Lana also opens up about the role fear has played in her life, especially in her formative years after losing her father at age 14, and how she has worked to courageously overcome this challenge to have a successful career and lead a fulfilling life. There are plenty of gems in this episode that you will not want to miss!

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