Mini Episode 1: Postpartum Anxiety

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Join Natalie and Liz as they discuss their experiences with postpartum anxiety in this mini episode!
Postpartum anxiety is not as talked about as postpartum depression but is very common. It is estimated that 1 in 5 women has postpartum anxiety. Symptoms of postpartum anxiety are constant or near-constant worry, feelings of dread about things you fear will happen, sleep disruption, racing thoughts, shakiness, panic attacks, obsessive, recurring thoughts, intrusive thoughts, and others.
There are many types of treatment for postpartum anxiety. The first step is recognizing it and getting diagnosed. If you don't feel like yourself, seek professional help and talk about your feelings to someone you trust.
Check out Postpartum Support International at for resources.
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If you are feeling anxiety or depression, please seek professional help.

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