Working Within a Just Culture with Garry Crosby

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This week, Colin is in conversation with Garry Crosby, ex-Royal Air Force operative and business growth specialist, about the ways in which organisations can engender honesty, openness and trust among their workforce, and how this can benefit productivity and safety in the long run.


  • Everyone has a different viewpoint and perspective about what success looks like. Finding that perspective is key to creating a great culture in our organisations, by allowing our people to achieve their own vision of success.
  • Introducing culture into a workplace is not an instant thing. It requires dedication and patience. The time taken will be well rewarded in the long run.
  • A blame culture does not help anyone to improve. It merely breeds fear and disrespect, and goes some way towards making sure that people do not act as part of a team.
  • Admitting we can learn from errors of misjudgments is the key to learning and moving forwards. This can represent a deep cultural shift for many, but it is the key to being better.


'Everyone has a different definition of what success is'

'The better you get, the harder you have to work'

'It's narrow-sighted to look at the individual and make them the scapegoat'

'I like to see business owners reflect when things haven't gone wrong'


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Colin Nottage

‘Making health and safety as important as everything else we do.’

This is the belief that Colin is passionate about and through his consultancy Influential Management Group (IMG) is able to spread into industry. Colin works at a strategic level with company owners and board members. He helps business leaders establish and achieve their health and safety ambitions.

He has developed a number of leading competency improvement programmes that are delivered across industry and his strengths are his ability to take a practical approach to problem-solving and being able to liaise at all levels within an organisation.

Colin also runs a company that vets contractors online and a network that develops and support H&S consultancies to become better businesses.

Colin chairs the Construction Dust Partnership, an industry collaboration directly involving many organisations, including the Health and Safety Executive.

He is a Post Graduate Tutor at Strathclyde University and a highly sought-after health and safety speaker and trainer. He has a Post Graduate Certificate in Safety and Risk management, an engineering degree and is a Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

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