Podcast 137 - 3 Year Plan For Your Recruitment Business - Steps

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3 Year Plan For Your Recruitment Business - Steps What is your plan or vision for your recruitment business? What is your goal? Usually when an owner comes to me the first goal is financial. And so it should be. The next is the model of the business. I have shared and explained the things I have seen in the entrepreneurship industry over the last decade. From the successful ones who start from nothing and they build into 7 figure businesses. The traits of the fast movers and the lessons and warning signs on what not to do as a recruitment entrepreneur. Often a business plan will be sent to me. 99.9% of the time these are as useful as a sunscreen in the UK……. I explain what I have seen first hand for businesses who have broken through 7 figures as a one person business. 1. They worked to a plan 30 Days, 90 Days, 1 Year and 3 Years plan 2. They become part of the community. They didn’t just ask questions but they also shared - the power of the group is always more powerful than the one 3. They accepted they did not know it all - and that’s why they came to us - Do not kill yourself trying to learn what you need to do. Someone’s already done it. Learning is a big reason why I manage a group since the team teaches one another. The 4 Plan we operate: 1. A 3-year vision 2. A 1-year tactical plan 3. A 90-day campaign plan 4. A 30-day metrics plan Through that 4 step plan, you will understand what you’re building. Without that your months become years and your years become decades. 99% of your business should be based on metrics, if you have metrics you can know what the problem is. If you know what the problem is, then you can fix it. Everything you have now as a problem, you can fix it. Create your plan and be hard on yourself, don't let it drift over. As I say on the video. At the end of the day your mortgage lender will not care about excuses. Let me know what are your questions in the comment below! Andy Whitehead The Laptop Recruiter™

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