Podcast 143 - Breaking 7 Figures (Revenue Not Profit) For First Time - Lessons

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Breaking 7 Figures (Revenue Not Profit) For First Time - Lessons When you break the 7 figure mark or a million mark as a Recruitment / Search business owner, What should you do, and what shouldn’t you do. These are all that I’ve seen over the years with Recruitment / Search Business Owners. I’ve seen Recruitment / Search business owner hit 7 figures, then usually 3 things happen:⁣ 1. Andy! This is epic, now that I’m here, I want to be here next. 2. There's no objective assessment of the Input > Process > Output. 3. Do not make their business sustainable. In this video, I will walk you through how to navigate these 3 steps to making your business sustainable. Comment below your question or Directly message it to me! Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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