LP001: How to Create Highly-Effective Online Courses In Cohorts with Wes Kao

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Welcome to the very first episode on the launch plan. I'm your host Karthik, and I'm excited to be with you right now. There's no better time than now to teach. And there's no better way to do that than online courses.

Most people like you and me were educated in physical classrooms. On the other hand, we've been students of online courses in some form with either free videos on YouTube or paid online courses. And we've had mixed experiences.

So the question is how can I create online courses that my students will fall into? Well, that's someone that's been creating online courses for the last three years. I see my job, as, not just a teacher, but a designer, because it's not only about the content I teach that matters, but also how my students experience it.

So today I have a special guest with us inside the green room. She's designed and experimented with a form of online courses that she refers to as cohort-based courses or CBCs. Her name is Wes Kao.
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