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For the rest of the year, we are replaying our greatest hits from 2019

Ok, stop me if you've heard this before: You can't build muscle on keto. This myth is pervasive enough that Eric regularly gets questions about it. So today he wanted to talk about some evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, to put this issue to rest.

Why does this question keep coming up?

For ATP production, is all fuel created equal?

All about them electrons!

How dysfunctional mitochondria is the root of most health issues.

Beta and it's relationship with leucine.

Eric's experiment: Fasting and muscle mass.

What's the truth about gluconeogenesis?

How about keto and endurance? And can keto make you faster?

Are you talking yourself into being weaker?

And finally, how many grams of protein should you be getting on keto?

In this episode, Chad talks about how bioStak works in the background to just keep everything going. Do yourself right! Go to now.

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