77. Navigating Intense Emotions in the Wake of Tragedy

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What can you do when you feel rage, sadness, and overwhelm. frustration and grief in the face of incomprehensible tragedy? In response to the recent shootings, we offer help, compassion, and tools to find grounding and hope.

We offer the important tools of allowing all your emotions without judgment and choosing to move forward with intention.

It's possible to hold dualities in our experience, of sadness, grief, anger, and disbelief while also holding onto hope and making room for joy.

This episode is infused with inspiring and hopeful quotes from Charles Mackesy's book The Boy The Mole the Fox and the Horse and a powerful offering from Professor Rhonda Magee: "It's our call to experience joy while we work for better."

We offer hope as a possibility as the next step to motivate and inspire intentional action.

The Mindful Moment offering is a reading Dr. Dzung Vo’s poem “America!!!” and a Moment of Silence for those who passed in unjust ways.

Read Jessie's full blog post about choosing hope. https://www.jessiemahoneymd.com/jessies-blog/choosing-hope

Join us for the upcoming first-ever Mindful Healers Connect in Nature Retreat to practice allowing, non-judgment, and moving forward with intention, in community. https://www.jessiemahoneymd.com/retreat-connect-in-nature

If can’t join us for this one, join Jessie at one of her upcoming retreats. https://www.jessiemahoneymd.com/retreats

If you want to find calm, contentment, and a clear and meaningful path forward in areas of your life beyond relationships, I invite you to explore private mindful coaching with Dr. Mahoney www.jessiemahoneymd.com

If you want to develop a mindfulness practice, reach out to Dr. Liang www.awakenbreath.org

*Nothing in this episode should be considered medical advice.

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