Ep. 78 Building Kustomer with Jeremy Suriel

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In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Suriel, Co-Founder and CTO of Kustomer.

Kustomer is the customer service CRM platform helping contact centers and businesses reimagine service and support in today’s customer-first world. Kustomer enables personalized, efficient and effortless customer and agent experiences by delivering unprecedented views of a customer's history, facilitating continuous omnichannel conversations and using intelligence to automate repetitive tasks and surface knowledge.

Kustomer is leveraging a forward-thinking approach to their application and incorporates Node-JS, Microservices, AI, ML and of course, MongoDB. To learn more about the Kustomer platform, visit https://www.kustomer.com.

To learn more about career opportunities at Kustomer, visit their careers page at https://www.kustomer.com/careers.

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