Ep 2 Your Guide to Mocktails for Beginners

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So you have decided to take a break from drinking or totally break-up with alcohol for whatever reason. Good for you! But now you are probably thinking, okay, but what am I going to drink when I am not drinking? I’ve been free of alcohol for 2 years. But before that, when 5 o’clock came around, it was mommy time and that meant a glass of chardonnay (or a bottle). I had the same question you might be thinking “What is next?”

Nowadays, there are so many different brands available, and even many sugar-free options. And I’m here to tell you all about the fun you can have discovering new drink options. Tune in to today’s podcast episode, as I share with you how to handle visits to stores with alcohol, the essentials you need to start making delicious alcohol-free drinks, some of my favorite brands of non-alcoholic spirits, mixers, beers, and much more!

In this episode, I chat about:

  • What to do when entering a store with alcohol
  • The basic kitchen equipment you need to start making alcohol-free drinks
  • My favorite alcohol-free spirits to have in your home to make mocktails
  • Other essentials I recommend to have to prepare alcohol-free drinks
  • Where to find mocktail recipes

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“Open your eyes to things maybe that you've never even looked at before in the store.” - Deb

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