The World with Automated Coffee Shops

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In this episode, we try to understand what the job of the barista would be in a fully automated coffee shop, the benefits of automation with covid, and how this may impact the producer. Then we bring back Kimhak to ask him his thoughts on automation and coffee trends more generally.
Special Guest
Kimhak Em is part owner, roaster and barista at his coffee shop PAIR Cupworks in Mesa, AZ. He has 15 years of food service experience, with 5 years being in specialty coffee. He has spent time in various roles from coffee director/educator to now running his own roastery. He's a serial Coffee Champs competitor and has competed in roasting, brewing and coffee in good spirits.
Learn more about his shop by following their Instagram @pair.cupworks or visting their website
Follow Kimhak directly on Instagram @kimhak.em.
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