Daniel Mendoza - Practical Coffee Roasting and Specialty Tea

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In this episode we talk to Daniel Mendoza, he led an interesting career in coffee working for many different coffee roasteries around the country including Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, as well as Corvus and huckleberry in Denver. He then moved into the world of Specialty tea, where he helped bring to specialty coffee shops across the west coast. He is now working at Cropster, where he does support and sales. We discuss his work in judging roasting competitions, roasting advice, roasting software, specialty tea and much more.
Special Guest
Daniel is a one of those amazing people that just want to help make the world a better place. He has worked all throughout the industry and has a wealth of knowledge that he kindly spreads.
Learn more about his Daniel by following him on Instagram @oigaperoque. Learn more about Cropster on their (website).
Other companies mentioned in this podcast were:
Buddy Brew Coffee @buddybrewcoffee
Corvus Coffee @corvuscoffee
Sweet Bloom @sweetbloomcoffee
Huckleberry @huckleberryroasters
Pair Cupworks @pair.cupworks
Cute Coffee @ilovecutecoffee

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