Are We Confusing Our Clients? Baffling Invoices, Exam Room Jargon, & Inconsistent Recommendations in Veterinary Practice

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Are we inadvertently confusing our clients by using vague terms and acronyms on our invoices? What about unclear communication in the exam room? Do different veterinarians recommend different drugs or preventives, leaving support staff to decipher? This week we tackle a constellation of confusing communications in veterinary practice. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT begin by discussing a Mother’s Day dilemma in which Dr. Ward’s mom was utterly confused - and upset - by her dentist’s invoice. A medical term without context led to almost losing a client and certainly sparked some neighborhood complaining. … The pair share tips on avoiding invoice and written communication misunderstandings, why plain language wins in the exam room, and the importance of having unified product and protocol recommendations in your practice. … Viewfinders, we believe this is another topic that occurs much more frequently than we wished. Beckie sums it up by explaining why “Yes” or “No” is rarely a good answer from clients and how we can learn from “comical communications” and misunderstandings to become better communicators. ... Talk to you next Wednesday!

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