Is Your Veterinary Practice a Good Neighbor? What Happens When Barking Dogs and Nosy Neighbors Collide?

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Loud barking, pooping in parking lots, parking space tensions, and employee smoking breaks can test a veterinary clinic’s relationship with neighboring businesses and homeowners. This week we discuss how you can be a good veterinary neighbor. … Hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT begin with a legal case in which a neighbor sued a veterinary clinic for excessive noise. The duo discuss how to help reduce the inevitable noise associated with caring for animals, and ways to ease potential misunderstandings (and legal actions). … The pair also talk about the importance of poop patrols, how to keep your clients from taking their pet for potty breaks on your neighbors’ lawns, and staff parking lot drama. Dr. Ward shares his tip to prep (and reward) his business neighbors before busy holidays and Beckie encourages practice leaders to introduce and get to know their neighbors. … This is a jam-packed conversation that will spark conversations and inspire solutions in your practice to this very real-world challenge. … Viewfinders, have you had any issues with your neighbors? Share your stories on our Instagram or Facebook pages! Talk to you next Wednesday!

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