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Katie Fogarty is the host of A Certain Age – a podcast that shines an age-positive spotlight on midlife and shares the smarts and sparkle of women ages 50+.

A former journalist turned career coach, Katie’s day job helping job hunters create strong LinkedIn profiles has taught her that not everyone is up for owning their age. She created A Certain Age to shift the dated narrative that aging makes you irrelevant. Launched 35 days before Katie's 51st birthday, the show now has listeners in 4,094 cities across 91 countries

and has a Listen Score ranking that puts the show in the top 2% of all global podcast downloads.

A superfan of second-acts and career evolution, Katie has worked as a TV news writer, for global PR firms, on Capitol Hill, and as an English teacher in Japan. Her coaching company, The Reboot Group, has helped 1.5K+ executives from Fortune 500 companies grow

through better career stories.

You can find her at : TheRebootGroup.Com


Podcast A Certain Age

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