Aaron Jordan - Sustainable Decision Making and Organic Coffees

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In this episode, we start by cupping coffee sourced by our guest, Aaron Jordan from The Roast House. The Roast house is a fully organic roastery in Spokane, Washington. We talk to Aaron about his start in coffee, then we dig deep into the organic process and sourcing organic coffees. Aaron also shares valuable insights on growing a roasting team and making sustainable long term decisions. Aaron is such a blast to talk to and we hope you love his stories and insights.
Segment 1 Coffee Rankings:
1st place
Ethiopia - Nano Genji #6
2nd place
Colombia - La Pradera Gesha
3rd place
Costa Rica - Diego Robelo
Read about the variety here.
4th place
Colombia - La Pradera Tabi
Special Guest
Aaron has an incredible mind for business and sustainability, as well as being an awesome coffee roaster. We were honored to have him on the show. If you would like to follow him, you can find him @pouroveraaron or you can follow Roast House @theroasthouse.
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