The Many, Many Big Ideas of Williams Racing Products

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Mic Williams was racing as a privateer when Covid hit and racing went on hold. But instead of binging Netflix, he used his free time to start a very unusual bike company — Williams Racing Products. Mic has a whole lot of ideas for how to make bikes better and WRP has offered a lot of out-there products, including what can only be described as the reincarnation of the Honda RN-01 downhill bike. So we sat down with Mic to talk about all the big ideas he has for WRP; the Privateer Parts Program and privateer racing in general; and much more.


  • The origins of WRP (1:27)
  • Mullet links (8:24)
  • The heyday of garage-built bike parts (14:21)
  • Centre Hub (20:12)
  • The return of the Honda RN-01? (28:04)
  • Privateer Parts Program & racing as a privateer (38:36)
  • Custom stems & future projects (50:54)
  • Mic’s (next) Big Idea (58:42)


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