(#15) Mindset shift - this will change your life

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In this episode I share one of the most powerful practices I have integrated - 'my universal codes' - it changed my life (it's transforming my clients lives and it can change yours too!). This is the missing link to you achieving all that you desire ✨
In this episode you will learn,

  • Why I am so committed to my morning ritual - and why you should be too!
  • how your beliefs influence your actions
  • how to find more ease creating new habits
  • why you should care about the way you talk to yourself and about yourself
  • what are 'my universal codes' and why are they so impactful?
  • 4 steps to create your own 'universal codes'
  • how you can change your mindset in 30 days
  • and so much more!

BONUS (as mentioned in the episode) click here to watch the replay of my 'Inner Bliss - the rituals' masterclass.

As always, I am so grateful for you listening to the wisdom I am here to share ✨
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All my love
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