Exposure Makes it Real - LaVonne Idlette

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Athleticism doesn’t only pertain to strength, agility, or fitness. It is also about the willingness to go the long way, not taking shortcuts, and learning the process in detail.
Learn how to play the game in today’s episode with athlete and real estate investor LaVonne Idlette as she talks about how proper housing is the starting point of a better community.
Let’s jump right in and find ways on how to be impactful in everything you do.
[00:01 - 8:16] Opening Segment

  • Find LaVonne at the links below
  • An overview of LaVonne’s background story
  • Limited partner vs. general partner

[8:17 - 14:00] LaVonne’s Journey

  • People who served as LaVonne’s mentors
  • Getting the most out of a network

[14:01 - 24:20] The Red Pill Moment

  • LaVonne talks about the importance of taking the little steps
  • The importance of having a person who has your back
  • Being a generalist vs. being an expert

[24:21 - 35:11] The Challenges and the Rewards

  • LaVonne talks about her worst fears in the process
  • LaVonne’s rock bottom moment
  • The reward of following your intuitions
  • Sharing the message that you can do more than what you’re doing
    • Exposing people to different earning opportunities

[35:12- 40:14] Closing Segment

  • LaVonne shares what she is most grateful for
    • Family
  • What gift are you giving the world?
    • Kindness
  • What should the listeners take away from this?
    • Find a way to tie being impactful in everything you do

Tweetable Quotes:

“As long as I stick to what I plan to do beforehand, go do all the steps even if it takes a long time, I can preemptively solve them.” - LaVonne Idlette

“Having a person who has your back, who for whatever reason wants to see you succeed, definitely helps.” - LaVonne Idlette

You can connect with LaVonne through LinkedIn and Instagram.

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