125: How to Save Time with Batching Tasks

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Did you know that batching can help you become more productive and help you save time? Batching up on repetitive tasks creates room for you to concentrate on other things peacefully. For instance, today has been a podcast day for me. I am recording all the episodes for September and handing them in for postproduction. Batching works like a charm for me because I will concentrate on other aspects of the business over the next three weeks and have some fun at the beach.

How can you start batching?

To start batching, you need to have a pen and paper. List down all the repetitive tasks you have to handle in a week or a month. Next, look at the tasks you can comfortably work on in one sitting. For instance, if you are a podcaster, you can decide to dedicate one day to recording, editing, making your show notes, and scheduling your podcasts. What this does is that it allows your brain to be in the flow and get on autopilot.

If you've got any questions about batching, I'm glad to answer them. Feel free to send me an email at: pete@petecann.com

Which tasks do you think you can batch? Let me know in the comments.
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