Ep. #206: Creativity as Birthright + Magic and Art with Emily Prentice

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Emily Prentice is an artist and arts educator living in West Virginia (Calicuas and Massawomeck land). Emily's work focuses on creative play: as resilience, as resistance, as radical joy.

In this episode, Emily and Eryn talk about:

  • Emily’s journey with creativity and art
  • Everyone is an artist and there’s no such thing as bad art
  • How creativity helps us change the world
  • What’s an artist?
  • Dismantling creative binaries and hierarchies
  • Orienting towards process rather than outcome
  • Art as helping us live better
  • Relationships with creativity
  • Magic & art
  • Play as resistance, play as a radical act
  • What is play?
  • How to re(connect) to play
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • The Fool card
  • Bringing magic to the mundane
  • Making art accessible and telling artist stories

Blog for this episode: www.living-open.com/blog/emily-prentice

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Check out Emily's work on her website, Instagram, and Playground Art School.

Mentioned in this episode:

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