Anthony Mangieri, Pizza Guru

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Anthony has followed his passion of making Neapolitan-style pizza from moment 1. He has never wavered from this direction and in doing so he has created a cult following. This man can also tear your legs off on a bike so beware.

Anthony Mangieri is a pioneer of Neapolitan-style pizza in the United States.

A native of New Jersey, Anthony grew up in a close-knit Italian-American family and developed a pizza obsession from a young age, persuading his mother to drive him to every well-known pizzeria in the tri-state area. This early fixation developed into a lifelong dedication to creating the perfect pizza—something that he remains steadfastly dedicated to every day.

At 22, Anthony opened a bread bakery called Sant Arsenio in Red Bank, NJ. Three years later, in 1996, he established Una Pizza Napoletana in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Anthony relocated Una Pizza Napoletana to Manhattan’s East Village in 2004, where his pizzas drew lines of customers and rave reviews (New York Times, The New Yorker to name a few). Looking for better weather and closer proximity to the great outdoors, Anthony relocated the pizzeria to San Francisco in 2010, where the third iteration of Una Pizza Napoletana continued to enthrall critics and pizza lovers alike (SFGATE, San Francisco Chronicle to name a few).

Anthony returned to New York’s Lower East Side in 2018 and then opened a location in New Jersey’s Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Una Pizza Napoletana will reopen its only location on the Lower East Side this February; the space has been transformed according to Anthony's vision.

Having single-handedly made more than 700,000 pizzas (and counting) Anthony crafts uncomplicated pies with complex flavors, a result of the naturally leavened dough and the hand-selected ingredients. Known for his monk-like dedication to pizza perfection, customers travel from all over the world to eat his pizza.

Anthony has been featured in nearly every type of print, online and broadcast media including TV spots on Good Morning America and Food Network Top 5 as well as a recurring role on the Showtime series “Billions”. His obsession with pizza making is only rivaled by his deep dedication to mountain biking, skateboarding and punk rock.

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