Kyle Jones: The Future of Recovery, Wellness, and Performance with Cryo and Light Therapy

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Kyle Jones is the founder of iCryo and found his passion for health and wellness after his college football career graduating from Texas State with a degree in exercise science and business management.

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He is a 2x national powerlifting champion and earned his pro card for bodybuilding physique.

He is the co-founder of icryo

Welcome to the show Kyle Jones

Kyle’s college football career and coach Accepting change The bodybuilding journey The origins of cryotherapy Controlling inflammation Nick Janicki Trurest float tanks The science behind cryotherapy Why inflammation is the cause of almost all illness The 3 most effective wellness technologies The future light therapy The science of light therapy Photobiomudulation Infrared sauna’s Theralight Dan Winter The 3 Areas of wellness The importance of electrolights The root of wellness is education Pillars to wellness

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