#117. Fiber Facts & Meal Plan Launch

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Today's episode is on FIBER because it is so vital for our health, longevity, gut health, digestion, weight loss and more. From the types of fiber and the plant foods (only) we can find the highest amounts in, to our gut health and aiding weight loss - fiber does it all. We deep dive into how fiber has been shown in studies to positively affect heart health, Diabetes Type 2, diverticulitis, period symptoms and endometriosis. I also share fiber supplements if needed and tips to ease more whole food fiber into your lifestyle.

My new 7 Day Meal Plan the RESET has launched! It is a roadmap to help you set up a sustainable plantbased, not perfect way of living with principles, content, a 7 Day Meal Plan, nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks that will keep you full but aid you in optimal health, vitality, energy and a lean body year round. With a calorie density chart, 80/20 charts, printables journal prompts, pantry staples, kitchen tools, tips for smoothies, digestion and more - this Ebook is like having me teach you everything I have learned and implemented while also creating a distinct meal plan for you.

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