Gordon lost 4 stone (56 pounds) In 90 days with SAF.

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Gordon Copeland has lost over 4 stone in just 90 days by following the www.simpleasfat.com plan.

Gordon sent a photo and an e mail to Jon Gaunt thanking him for the inspiration. But to be fair, Jon has been re-inspired by Gordon and in this episode Jon uses Gordon's example to explain that until you have your head in the right place you will never lose real weight and never keep it off.

Gordon talks frankly about his sugar and food addiction and Jon empathises with him completely. They both used to eat 2 Cadbury Cream Eggs when paying for their petrol!

Most people like Jon and Gordon have had a dysfunctional relationship with food, and sugar in particular, since childhood and it is that addiction that needs fixing if you are ever going to lose weight, reverse your Type 2 Diabetes and take back control of your life.

Jon's done it. Gordon's doing it. You can too.

In this thoughtful, amusing and inspiring podcast Jon explains how you too can break your addiction to sugar and lose weight for good by eating real food and walking. He even explains how you can still eat curry and see the pounds drop off!

Check out www.simpleasfat.com

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