GRIEF & CREATING BEAUTY FROM WITHIN IT w/ Hannah from Mayclay Ceramics - Ep 78

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(This episode covers some big topics so I will add a TRIGGER WARNING to the notes. Miscarriage, still birth and death are spoken about openly throughout.)

One thing we are guaranteed to move through in this lifetime is Grief. It's inevitable. We lose loved ones, we grieve relationships and we are forced to let go of dreams, abilities and most things we hold dear at some point. While grief can take you out at the knees, it can also teach you things if you let it. It also has the capacity to move you in completely different directions.

Introducing Hannah Chisek. The creatrix behind Mayclay ceramics. In this episode Han shares her very personal journey with grief, healing and the way she is moving through it. So grateful for your openness in sharing with us and making these conversations on important topics more accessible to us.


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