Penny Phillips - The Power of Practice Management for Financial Advisors

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- As someone who works in practice management and as a trainer, how does Penny get advisors to embrace the power of practice management when there are plenty of advisors who are financially successful who are violating all the best practices?

- If Penny created her own top 25 advisor list, what criteria would she choose to decide who belongs on that list?

- What are some practical means of gaining psychographic insights into clients’ and is there a framework one can use when thinking about clients’ psychology?

- Have the psychographics of the average client changed over the past 18 months? How have they shifted if so?

- In a sea of 300,000 advisors, what are some pragmatic ways you can stand out from that pack?

- What is Penny’s spiciest take on how the industry will change in the coming years?

- People really struggle to confront their own mortality. With such a great psychological hurdle at the crux of the conversation, how do you get anyone to plan for succession?

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