Why Working With A Freelance Mentor Can Give Your Business Direction And Clarity

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“My goal... was for me to download my brain and everything I've learned about freelancing into a program that could help set people up for success and help them avoid the mistakes I've made.”

—Jasmine Williams

Making the decision to become a full-time freelancer will always be daunting (without the extra risk and uncertainty caused by the pandemic).

This is the reason Jasmine Williams documented her journey from corporate employee to award-winning entrepreneur in her brilliant blog and newsletter.

As the CEO of content marketing consultancy Jasmine Williams Media, Jasmine uses strategic storytelling to scale industry-leading companies. But her passion is using her freelance freedom to help guide new and aspiring creative freelancers with her mentorship program and resources.

Catering to all budgets and needs, Jasmine offers free downloads (including a 10-step startup checklist), an essential grab-and-go email template package, and a six-week signature online course, Click-worthy Creative Academy.

In this episode of Strategize Your Business Online, Jasmine shares how, as an introvert, she struggled with confidence and positioning.

This is why she focuses on the emotional elements of freelancing (as well as legal, financial, and technical mentorship) in her resources. They are designed for you to do the work, building your confidence as you learn and grow your business.

In‌ ‌this‌ ‌episode,‌ ‌you’ll discover:‌

  • Why focusing on being present on social platforms that bring value and connections is more important than showing up on every single one — and why it’s important to step back when something isn’t working
  • Posting organic, unscripted, and authentic content on socials will often resonate with your audience more than polished text and graphics
  • That you must set boundaries with your clients (and how this relates to the discovery process)

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01:59Jasmine’s journey

03:54Freedom in freelancing

08:22Employee to entrepreneur

11:05Entrepreneur mindset

14:52Freelance mentoring

16:54Entrepreneur struggles: Flaky freelance clients & lack of confidence

21:40Resonating on social media

28:55Click-worthy Creative Academy

30:27Freelance hourly rate calculator & start-up checklist

33:18Connect with Jasmine!


Website: https://jasminewilliams.ca/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/jasminewilliamsmedia/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheJasWilliams

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jasminewilliamsmedia/

Get Jasmine’s Grab-and-Go Email Templates: https://jasminewilliamsmedia.mykajabi.com/grab-and-go-email-templates

Work with me: http://www.deeboswellbuck.com

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