An Entrepreneurial Success in a Huge Market – Flying Leap Vineyards & Wines

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Wine sales have been a high growth market for years. But there are hundreds of competitors, and the market has been dominated by well known, long historied and superbly financed competitors. This podcast describes how in this competitive minefield Mark Beres successfully built a vineyard and wine brand. By

(1) focusing on an underserved market [Arizona]

(2) building on the trend for locally sourced “craft” products

(3) developing a value proposition that was focused on that underserved market

then building a building a sustainable Value Delivery System by

(4) implementing a crop that was very high margin

(5) identifying a location where the climate [including rainfall and water access] was good

(6) and developing a distribution model that maximized margins

Mark built a very competitive, growing, high margin, sustainable business amidst all the better financed, larger competition.

Thinking points:

• Where do you see underserved markets?

• Can you identify a trend that is driving that market?

• Do you see a Value Proposition meeting customer needs?

• Are you willing to do the hard work of creating a Value Delivery System that fulfills you Value Proposition for your underserved customers?

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