Formerly Addicted Nurse Talks Getting Sober And Licensed

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Growing up in rural Texas within a Fundamentalist Christian family, Allison always felt like something was missing, like an outsider looking in to a world that she didn’t belong.

In her teens, she was introduced to pasture parties, heavy drinking and drugs, and a community of counter-cultural thinkers who helped her to recognize that her sexuality, politics, and spiritual views weren’t in alignment with her upbringing.

As those views solidified she traded her family and religion, for a polyamorous couple in the pursuit of all things hedonistic. By age 19, Allison was drinking alcoholically and was addicted to heroin. Getaways to jails and psyche wards were becoming routine.

A string of failed suicide attempts at the age of 22 finally led her to the willingness to seek recovery in Arizona among a motley crew of broken, yet beautiful young adults. It was there that she started her journey of recovery and forged friendships that would continue for a lifetime.

Through AA stepwork and meetings, she was able to make amends to her family and build a relationship based upon honesty and authenticity.

In the early 2000s, she decided to pursue a nursing degree despite the hurdles of a colorful criminal record that strongly suggested she was unqualified, untrustworthy, and unethical.

Despite the inner voice that whispered she wasn’t capable and with the support of her family and AA community, she walked through those fears in order to become a nurse.

Her experience has allowed her to approach addicted patients with empathy and even with all the challenges of her high stress environment, she’s been able to remain sober for 18 years.

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