Chelation therapy: Treating gadolinium retention- Dr. Richard Semelka

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This episode represents the final part of a series of conversations regarding the safety of gadolinium based contrast agents.
Here we discuss who is most at risk for retaining gadolinium and how we can effectively get it out of the body using chelation therapy.
I am joined by:
Dr Richard Semelka -
Dr Richard Semelka is a leading expert in Radiology for body MRI and gadolinium toxicity.
He has written over 370 peer-reviewed papers and 16 text-books. and is the first doctor to publish on the entity of gadolinium deposition disease.
Dr semelka offers clinical medical consultations for individuals experiencing gadolinium toxicity and in this discussion we will be observing practically how this is treated in the clinic.
Kate Skardon -
A patient advocate, continuing chelation therapy to remove gadolinium from the body following devastating consequences. Her story can be found here:
Debbie Lambert-
A patient advocate who seeks to raise awareness about Gadolinium Deposition Disease through various mediums, including the links below:
Show notes:
HOPO Therapeutics- oral chelation
SAGE- Symptoms Associated with Gadolinium Exposure

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