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Tune in and find out how millions of people are reversing chronic conditions with a ketogenic diet. Mary Beauchamp is a Registered Nurse, Certified GAPS Practitioner (Gut and Psychology Syndrome), Best Selling Author, Mother of four children, and grandmother with over 25 years as a keto diet specialist. She explores the science and spirituality of self-healing through achieving metabolic health with a ketogenic diet, addressing the root cause of chronic illnesses. which is insulin resistance. In this podcast Mary discusses the mindset and lifestyle practices needed to successfully reverse metabolic syndrome, lose weight, repair leaky gut, improve brain function and put autoimmunity and cancer into remission. By shifting your body's primary fuel source, you can target the root cause of disease by restoring the function of the mitochondria which are the energy centers within the cells; and the decision-makers of your genetic expression.

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