Episode 16 Season 2: Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma Part II: Practices You Can Do With a Professional is Part II

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Episode Description:

Somatic Practices for Healing Trauma Part II: Practices You Can Do With a Professional is Part II of a two-part series on somatic therapies for healing trauma. This series covers practices you can do on your own or with a professional. Somatic therapy is based on more recent research and generally more effective than talk therapy for healing trauma. It's basically another name for body work, or connecting with the body's sensations and resources to heal trauma stuck in the body so it can release through your neural network. This may include therapies with a specialist who does body work with you to release trauma or heal the effects of trauma. Part II discusses co-regulation with a therapist, body therapies you can do with a specialist, and breakthrough treatments in trauma recovery that are still in their experimental phases like micro dosing under a special doctor's care, and utilizing new devices for healing trauma.
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Breakdown of Episode
1:45 Introduction and Disclaimer

5:02 The Store is Open!

5:54 Intro to the Therapies

11:37 Co-Regulation With a Therapist

21:19 Chiropractic (Atlas Orthogonal)

33:25 Cranial Somatic and Cranial Sacral Therapy

37:39 Massage

45:18 Acupuncture

48:24 Disclaimer on Chemical Substances and Ketamine

30:41 Micro-dosing Using Psychedelics

103:18 TMS--Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

107:45 VNS--Vagal Nerve Stimulation
Bulleted List of Resources

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