Solving the problem of progress

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How are your resoutions going so far? ...I hope well.

Maybe you're kicking ass, or maybe you're freaking out. In any case, it's super helpful to keep the limits of your own vision in mind.

Everyone faces a long series of challenges in life - your career, the gym, your relationships or otherwise. That's most all there is, so, it's critically important for you to get better and better at facing challenges. Be composed. Be confident as fuck! Before you start, believe that the thing is possible.

Attitude is everything, afterall.

Ultimately you have to find a solution that make sense and works for you. Do not copy what others do. Do not lose sight of the daily rhythym of chopping wood and carrying water, that's how the work of progress get's done. And most importantly, load your edges hard!

If you are not willing to invision and fight hard for the progress you want then you will never have it.

Keep going.

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