Tequila fueled stories of strength

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This week I tell a story about a high school experiment in strongman training, and why that made a huge impact on the rest of my training and coaching career. I think you'll dig it.

Also, some of your training questions answered...

  • The best way to learn the basics of human physiology and nutrition.
  • Thoughts on strongman training methods.
  • How to train for strength if you work crazy shifts. Firemen and police officers can relate.
  • How do you know when you're ready for more advanced programming?
  • My best advice for aspiring writers.
  • My favorite squat program.
  • How to gain weight for weightlifting
  • How can you isolate and strengthen the thoracic spine?
  • If I could go back, how I would train different and why.
  • What to do if your lower back get's super pumped and uncomfortable during training, etc.

I hope you enjoy the show. Cheers!


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